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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Cat Teaches Me to Choose Where I Walk

My Cat Teaches Me to Choose Where I Walk
        The most important place to watch for Calli is at the top of the stairs as I start to descend. I do use the handrail but, if Calli does her zigzag in front of me, I have a vision of both of us tumbling down the stairs. Who breaks a hip? The kitchen area is the second most threatening place. Calli cuts in front of me to get to her food bowl and I am concentrating on a new recipe. Who wins? Number three danger zone might be after Calli has used her litter box and is barreling out of the upstairs bathroom when I am crossing the landing. There is nothing to grab if she crashes into me. My mantra is “Watch out for Calli!”
        Where are the danger zones in my personal life, and where do I choose to walk? Not getting enough sleep is close to the top and I am working on this. Beside my bed is my Sleep Journal, with daily recordings. A soothing music CD is playing in my boom box. My “Attitude of Gratitude Journal” gets three things from the day for which I am thankful, no matter how small. This is followed by a daily devotional guide, “These Days.” Next comes relaxing into a favorite light reading book until my eyes become heavy. It’s back to the book when I awake during the night. I’m still not getting enough hours of sleep, but more than I did before the plan was put into action.
Would you like to share a danger zone and how you are coping where you walk? 

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