Sterling the Cat

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What My Cats Taught Me

My Cats Taught Me to Believe in Miracles
One thing I am not is a fighter. Neither was Cali One. Sterling had been my only cat for several years. Maybe I should listen to my friends after most of them said “Sterling needs a cat companion. He must be lonely.” How could he be lonely when he spent so much time with me? At the Shelter I listed everything I wanted in a cat knowing I would not be faced with a cat who would meet all my requirements. “There she is, looking through the window at you. She is the Perfect Cat. We call her Cali.” And she was, a sweet and beautiful calico cat. “She gets along with all the other cats, and we love her.” So did I, but Sterling hated her.
Of course I followed the book and kept them apart in the early weeks. Sterling was a holy terror, knowing of her existence. In the short trial introductions he tried to rip her apart. He made her life on earth hell! I was busy trying to find a good home for Cali. He heard me on the phone making final arrangements for someone to take her, in one week. Believe it or not, from that moment on he began to soften toward Cali. It took quite a while, but they did become bosom buddies, playing and sleeping together and grooming each other. A miracle!
Would you like to share a cat or personal miracle?

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