Sterling the Cat

Monday, April 18, 2011

My cat has taught me a better way to start the day.

My cat has taught me a better way to start the day.

        Calli has many rituals. One could be very irritating if I let it be.  When I wake I'm ready to get started. Calli has other plans, and now we combine our needs. First thing in the morning I turn on the bed light and call “Good Morning Calli Cat.” That is Calli’s signal to come from wherever she is and jump back in bed. If only I could train her not to land on my tummy. Her paws have the force of high heels! Then she settles down on my chest with her face inches from mine and starts to purr. That is because I am stroking her, back from her face over her head to her neck, around the neck, and back from under the whiskers. I repeat these strokes over and over. She lets me do this as long as I choose. In the beginning I let it bother me because I wanted to get started on my day, as I told you before.
Now I use this petting time to silently list my blessings, followed by another list of what I am looking forward to in my day. Then I stop the strokes because Calli and I are both in a good mood to actually face her day and my day.

How do you start your day?