Sterling the Cat

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Cat Teaches Me Patience

My Cat Teaches Me Patience
       Calli is my current cat. She does not replace Sterling. No cat can take the place of another. If you have ever lived with a cat you know each cat is an individual. Calli chooses when she will be impatient. At four o’clock on my clock and on her clock, she finds me and announces that it is time for her evening meal.
       She does have endless patience, however, when it comes to waiting for birds to eat at the bird feeder outside the bedroom window. She sits on the little stool that she owns without moving a cat muscle and watches for hours. She pays no attention to my coming and going behind her. Nothing matters except waiting, then watching the birds. Somehow she knows she can’t get to the birds. She chooses daily to be an observer, sometimes even after the sun goes down.
Yes, I like to feed the birds, especially in the winter. But I must confess I invest in bird feed equally to provide the Cat TV for Calli. In addition Calli is teaching me patience. What do I value in my life enough to watch and wait and never give up, even when the sun goes down?

What do I value most?


  1. Hi Marta,
    Wonderful story! We all need to learn about patience.

  2. Cindy Olivett RichterFebruary 28, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    Oh, Marta....this is lovely...and humorous. CAT TV! Great observations and you have the knack for observing details. I love this. Cindy