Sterling the Cat

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Cat Teaches Me to Get Out of the Rut

My cat teaches me to get out of the rut.
        Just when I think I have Calli figured out and can predict her behavior she changes the rules. For weeks we have been playing a ball game, last thing before going up to bed at night. Little soft balls are collected in a basket. I sit about half way down the stairs and throw one ball at a time at the front door. The ball bounces down the hallway where Calli is waiting to chase it. We both get exercise, my throwing and in the mornings when I do deep knee bends to pick up the scattered balls. Now Calli goes up to bed before me, so no bouncing-the-balls-off-the-door game. Does she just need a break, and will she return to the ball game?
        Are there some routines in my life that could be varied and add some spice? Maybe I could have soup and sandwich for breakfast and my healthy cereal at noon or in the evening. Related to eating, I could definitely find some more interesting places to eat in my home, using a tray table I keep folded. Why don’t I add restful music to my bedtime routine? I may return to some of my old routines, just as I suspect Calli will want to chase the balls again. But life does need spice.
How have you added spice to your life?

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