Sterling the Cat

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My cat teaches me to honor names.

First I shorten “Sterling” to “Ling.” It is easier to say, especially when I am in a hurry. Is it my imagination, or does Sterling take a little longer to respond when I call him by the shortened version? “Little Friend” is definitely an endearing name that comes automatically when I want a loving session. He simply endures that name. In my playful mode I add to “Ling” and call him ”Ding-a-ling.” That is a complete failure, and he does not respond. “Ding Dong” does not work either. Due to poor response, I return to “Sterling” most of the time, with “Ling” as a nickname, now and then.

Do I check with friends who have shortened names or nicknames if they really like those names? Or maybe they would like to be called by a name of their own choosing and I can be one person who honors that name when I talk with them.

How do you honor names?

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