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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My cat teaches me phone time consideration.

 My Cat Teaches Me Phone Time Consideration
Most of my phone calls are made or answered in my office. The chair is ergonomic. Reception is clearer. I enjoy the view from the window. Why use the other phones unless I get caught and have no choice?
What I don’t understand is why Calli never bothers me while I am on the office phone. Now that I think about it, she is not a pest when I use the other phones. There have been times when I have gone an hour past her late afternoon feeding time on the phone. The moment I get off the phone she is there with her special whine that I know so well. Why the consideration? At first I thought it was related to the office phone being corded. But she does not bother me when I am on the other phones, even when I am listening for a long time and she does not hear my voice. I have given up trying to figure out why. Now I simply say “Calli, thank you for being so considerate.”
Am as thoughtful as Calli? Before I make a call do I consider if this would be a convenient time for the person? Do I go on and on without a thought to what that person might have on their agenda? Do I train myself to condense my phone visit into what is really important and then get off, tactfully and with appreciation for their time?

Please share your phone etiquette reminders.

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